Friday, September 13, 2013

6 months in 8 pictures!

My blogging style, if I have one in my 40 some posts, seems to be  one of looking back to go forward!

Since April 9th (last post) two seasons have come and just about gone.  Here are six photos that capture some of the  spirit and learnings of these months:

back of seamless jacket from Jean Gauger class at Opulent Fibers in Portland end of May...
front view on my FB Flowering Fibers page (link on the right!)

nuno felted flower made from some scraps of kantha cloth and batik...
my fave from the ones I made for Georgetown/Seattle garden art walk early July  

Got to see in person the much touted Japanese Fashion at the Seattle Art Museum
here in Seattle.

These are the skirt and t shirt I made in the beginner's sewing class. I made the fabric by felting together parts of a sari;
need lots of practice on the sewing...but am very pleased I did this.

 getting ready for the Souluminaton Artists sale in early December-will have  "Second Stories" wall hangings  little felted pots, pouches, flowers, scarves and some eco-dyed things..see below:

 I dyed these silks of various kinds in a carrot top dye bath after mordanting with either alum and/or iron water. The print below, done on a piece of kimono lining embossed silk is my very favorite and came from the top piece above the carrots in the photo... hopefully, will start hand stitching soon and use this interesting overlaid print...have been peeking in and enjoying amazing hand stitching (Karen Ruane) and others who follow her...

And, another sweet family bambino was born on August 21st. Here he is a week old. I will meet Leonardo in person on Sept. 24th in Philadelphia.. maybe I'll blog sooner..who knows! Thanks for checking in and hope to see you next time.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making Choices..Changing Directions?

So, Spring is here and flowering...and what choices have I  made this winter to document since the last post?

With eco-print/natural dyeing- lots of gatherings, samples, garment yet after last year's in Italy!  Soon, soon.

With the Blue and Yellow commissioned wall hanging that was pieces of fiber and fabric in the last post I have completed and sent out the "finished product to British Columbia. Here's a detail of it.

 I made a nuno felted small piece for the Mississippi River Walkers which will be joined with the fiber prayers of many, many others; I added hand stitching, a new thing for me! I see why so many people like doing it. And I included some of my naturally dyed silk samples.

I made a small pot which was sent to the Netherlands for a sale to benefit an orphanage in Africa supported by felter Charity/Sharit vd Meer; and have been enthralled by the idea of making more for other venues and good causes.

And I made a felted piece for a competition/show in northern Italy, Parma which may still be on it's way.. the theme was "Ecological Thinking" and I used this  quote by French artist Francis Picabia, translated into Italian" " Our heads are round to permit our thinking to change direction."  The first time I felted in wooly words..

I have ideas for this spring to summer season and we will see where  my round head and changing thoughts will lead..One more picture of my little companion of the past 2 years who will be moving with her family across the country...I will miss her a lot...

Friday, February 15, 2013

First 2013 Posting...many projects ahead!

Well, I have not been here on this blog for a while but I have been gathering and gathering ideas and photos and projects to share here.  The weeks of 2013  are galloping by!

Endings and beginnings:   One of my scarves made with recycled sari silks and short fiber merino went to two political celebrations at the beginning of the year: the Presidential Inauguration and the swearing in of this VA Senator!  Thanks, Victoria.

This "Second Story" (below) went home with a lovely person in Vancouver the 4th day of January!

And here's what I am hoping for the rest of the year: That I'll get more skilled at eco printing, which I learned last year  and make garments, garments, garments..I haven't yet "reproduced"  this one I made last year in Irit Dulman's workshop in italy!!and dye and print on ones from thrift shops! And continue to use them with the sari pieces in interesting ways...

 And last for now..I intend to finish the wall hanging that was commissioned out of these yellow, blue and red and green bits.  more soon. Thanks for visiting...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elephants and Eco-print!

So, Here's an example of what  I've been felting for the Soulumination Artists Sale this Sat and Sun (Dec 1 and 2 here in Seattle).  A new editions of Second Stories with recycled sari silks felted with other memory  materials-items that once belonged to people in my life. This time I have been adding some of my eco-print explorations and even have started had there is stitching from the embroidered saris and a few touches of mine here.

In between photos 1 and 4 is a bundle with eucalyptus and its result -just inserted here because I can't stop making these! This will sound familiar to many other eco-dye addicts!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Seven weeks...

In honor of the 7 weeks it has been since I last posted here are 7 photos that show the range of projects and and passages that have held much of my attention.
  1. A detail of a winning entry to a fiber arts competition in Parma-the theme was Klimt's 150th anniversary

This is the first "draft' of the Salt Spring island scarf -eco-printed with Fiona Duthie on Salt Spring Island
and below it is the nuno felted scarf it ended up as after many printings aand experimental she baths!

Four silks dyed with plants from around or near here: cherry bark,carrot tops, ivy, hollyhocks Intention is to do more of these for nuno scarves and other projects

Prints of an oak leaf and some Franklinia steamed with the same cherry bark dye bath that produced the color on silk chiffon above..many more eco-print and natural dye projects planned in between completing the nuno mosaic hangings for an upcoming artists sale...

Lay up with wool and recycled sari silk pieces waiting for me to decide it is ready to be felted...(it  wasn't quite ready yet but now is felted and I am on to the next of the "Second Stories" wall art  for the Soulumination Artists' Sale Dec. 1 and 2 here in Seattle

And here is the bambina that I have the honor to share a couple of hours with on most days..and we explore  and collect things together!

See you soon...Thanks for visiting this blog!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Home with the hollyhocks/ madder with madder!

So, I got the dark pink, and some purple and red hollyhocks from the Conservatory here... and salvaged them from their compost. I made a hollyhocks dye bath a la Jenny Dean's "Wild Color" and then added many things to a bundle with  alum mordanted silk chiffon...probably too many to tell what the hollyhocks did or didn't do! But it ended up looking nice with much contrast  and I had a good time.

I couldn't resist rolling more of my friend's home grown madder roots into the mix. Also has onion skins-red  and brown and  eucalyptus leaves and rose leaves. Wrapped it all around a copper pipe and simmered it. The pipe was too big for the pot so I stood  the. and the middle has different shades.

One other interesting thing to me was that the euca leaves, from the same types (cinerea) that had turned the coveted shade of orange on another piece I showed in an earlier blog there were mostly purples.

The last photo shows what the dye bath looked like after soaking the hollyhocks.  ... the second piece of silk-habotai was tied without anything added and simmered  in the same pot  and  its color became mauvey...will see what's next with it..soon.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flowering Fibers x 3 and counting..

So , I continue to be  officially addicted to the gathering, collecting and connecting and experimenting that goes with anything new and seems to happen with this multifaceted process of eco-print/natural dyeing!

Am aiming to work this into my felting, finish other projects for two venues that focus on other aspects of my fiber work.

And, in my new "About Me profile" to the right of this posting: My Flowering Fibers on-line persona x 3 and is helping me organize and launch the new, the old and the unexpected..

 The top two photos follow up on my visit to Salt Spring Island and to Katikloo, Fiona Duthie's studio.
Thanks, Fiona and for sending my part of the experiment, below, which i now have in person...first rose leaf print!
 Lots of gathering: making iron water from rusty nails, picking up bark and soaking it, "begging" deadheaded dhalias from neighbors and onion skins from grocers!
 Below, the Madrona or Arbutus tree, a native tree here in the Pacific Northwest..the tree I am posing under (last May) is the first one I ever saw arriving here years ago.
 First onion skin experiment, a la India Flint cold bundled version..this shows it with walnut leaf fermentation painted on green and other things about to change it... see just below

 Three uses of a friend's 16 year old home grown madder root below. I am entranced by how much the color can change with different fabric, fibers, mordants, etc. The onion skin piece above  is now something else on the upper left ! Am very new at this but really am loving seeing these  transformations right before
 And, at last, some quite clear and quite orange eucalyptus  prints. My first successful try since the workshop I took in  Italy in May (Irit Dulman at Feltrosa).
 And my first nuno felted sample after eco trying to get used to neutral colors!
And  it worked quite well with this alpaca fleece.
 And then, back to other projects..a close-up nuno felted wall art on its way to an exposition in Italy...

See you soon again...